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Example of illustration essay

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  • During the orientation session at HHMS we were greeted by friendly and professional staff members that were able to answer our questions and provide us with the assurance we were looking for.  Adrian was shy of his first birthday when he started the pre-toddler program. He immediat...CLAUDIA AND PEJMAN

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  • Samantha's in her third year at Hatch House. The friendly experienced teachers and staff make for a warm inviting educational atmosphere that Samantha has thrived in. At four years old Samantha's education in the Montessori environment has already taught her the skills normally not...WENDY AND SIMON

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  • I would like to use this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate all the efforts by your teachers. They all have had such a positive impact on my girls and all the other children. I had been a Hatch House parent for almost 3 years and I have had the fortunate experience to witnes...FARAH ALI

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  • The Elementary program here at Hatch House has been exceptional for my daughter – I would highly recommend it. My daughter first began at the school due to issues she was having in a public school system – she was falling behind at a very rapid pace. Here at Hatch House, really...COLIN O'REGAN

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  • I love it here. When my daughter was born and we were looking for a place to put her, there was no question – it was here. It’s been wonderful. I can go to work, I can focus on my work as well as other things I need to do in my life and I can pick them up knowing they’ve ...JEN HUGHES

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  • My daughter does not want to come home in the afternoon, it’s a struggle. I drop her off and she runs to her teacher to give her a big hug every single morning, she smiles all day and every day I get a great report. You will never find teachers that are more dedicated, that will t...MELANIE BOWES

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  • We will be leaving for our new home in Nova Scotia... I want to take a moment to tell you how much we will miss the teachers and staff at Hatch House. You've been like extended family, and Abby's life has been so much richer with all of you in it. You will all be greatly missed. T...KIM, MATT & ABBY DUFFY

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