“Wholesome and Well-rounded Education” – the HHMS Elementary Program

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True, holistic Montessori comes from the advanced preparation of the environment. In order for a child to gain the most from the didactic materials, they must be carefully prepared for the child’s independence and mastery. This is true for any level of Montessori Education, from Infant to Renaissance. At Hatch House Montessori School, our Elementary Program (Grades 1-8) have made some amazing changes this year. These great changes have come to help grow the program, as well as allow for exploration in the Elementary curriculum. Early 2017, the Elementary children were gifted with a brand new environment: The Hatch. In The Hatch, the children have ample research materials, technology, and scientific instruments for unlimited exploration of concepts introduced in the vast Montessori Curriculum. The comfort and warmth of The Hatch invites children to be one with the space around them, and enjoy the steps towards a wholesome and well-rounded education.

Another unique aspect to Hatch House Montessori School’s Elementary Program is that it is the only tri-lingual program in the Greater Toronto Area. English, French, and Spanish are used as an integral part of the instruction and lessons. The children first focus on vocabulary and grammar, and use the languages when interacting with each other as well as the teachers. Hand-in-hand with the Montessori curriculum, the children are educated individually and help up to their best potential, while taking advantage of the young brain’s capability to acquire languages easily.

The Staff of Hatch House Montessori School would love to share the amazingness of the Elementary Montessori Curriculum with everyone during a Parent Exploration and Education Evening on Wednesday, March 1st. Please email any questions you would like addressed about the Elementary Environment to connect@hatchhousemontessori.com by February 25th. We hope you can come to learn about enjoy the beauty of the curriculum, as well as see the gorgeous new environment, The Hatch!

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