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At Hatch House Montessori School we respect and embrace family time. We realize the importance of devoting as much quality time to our children at home with the family, as possible. We also recognise that finding enough time in our busy daily schedules is becoming more and more challenging.

At Hatch House Montessori School our objective is to make it easier for you to extend and be able cherish that precious time that you can spend with your child after school and after a long day of work.

Our Extra Curricular Programme is designed with you, the busy working family in mind. We now offer and included daily activities in our programmes that your child will participate in. Your child attending these programmes while at school eliminates the need of having to drive them around from one activity to the other after school, considerably reducing the amount of the much needed family time left in the evening before bed time.

Hatch House Montessori School is your ‘destination’ school.

Extra Curricular Programmes that are now our specialties

Performing Arts

1.    Dance classes are provided to Casa and Elementary students at Hatch House Montessori once per week. Classes are 30 minutes - 1 hour in length depending on the age and level of the child.

A variety of different dance styles as well as athletic forms of popular dance styles are introduced to the children. A combination of isolated movements, footwork, floor exercise and rhythmic steps are explored to interpret musical selections. Study of dance forms gives students better control over their bodies, increased flexibility, and strength. In addition, the study of dance trains children’s minds by building listening and memorization skills, creativity and concentration.

2.    Drama classes are offered to Casa and Elementary students once per week. Classes are 30 minutes – 1 hour in length depending on the age and level of the child.

The HHMS Drama programme is designed to bring out that spirited inner actor in each child and to help them find their voice. Through the exploration of movement, emotions and vocal practice students will gain increased self-confidence and will be encouraged to take a risk while promoting fun.

3.    BOGA This weekly programme provides a 30 minutes of relaxation to our Junior Casa students.

The intention of the sessions is to build self-esteem, increase self-awareness and enhance self-expression through the combination of Ballet and Yoga. Younger students will enjoy introductory yoga poses, stories, songs and character development in a safe and inclusive way, cultivating focus and balance. Students are rewarded by a sense of calm, compassion and clarity that increase with each week passing.

4.    Martial Arts classes are scheduled once per week to Casa and Elementary students as part of their Physical Education programme. Depending on the age level of the students, sessions are 30 minutes – 1 hour in length.

Our Martial Arts programme fosters much needed confidence in our children and teaches them strategies to be able to handle day-to-day situations in a more disciplined, respectful and responsible way. Martial Arts at Hatch House, while concentrating on self-defence techniques, explores the mechanics of punching and kicking, blocking, and anti-bullying strategies. Participating students partake in an exuberant workout in a high spirited group session.

5.    Private Piano and Violin Lessons

Weekly lessons can be scheduled for Casa and Elementary students in half-an-hour intervals.

Music making is a big part of life at Hatch House Montessori School. The purpose of the music programme is to provide musical enrichment through caring, individual support, to foster personal growth and self-discipline and to further develop a lifelong skill. Beyond our regular music classes twice weekly, that are incorporated into the Montessori curriculum and are part of the classrooms’ daily schedule, our students have the opportunity to book private lessons to satisfy their curiosity towards learning to play a musical instrument; piano and/or violin in particular.

Increased focus, self-confidence, and self-discipline are just a few benefits your child will be rewarded with. Further stimulating the mind with music making facilitates easier understanding and internalization of concepts learnt within the interconnected curriculum.

Visual Arts Programme

Coming in October 2017