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At Hatch House Montessori School we believe that each and every child is gifted. They are born with unique qualities. At HHMS we strive to uncover these incredible talents and capabilities. We nurture these remarkable traits to challenge and to propel the child towards reaching their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. All of this, while fostering the love of lifelong learning.

At HHMS our goal is to inspire children through self-discovery and to empower them to become confident, contributing, resourceful, responsible members of society, to always deliver above expectations and to strive to reach beyond the imaginable.

Hatch House Montessori School provides authentic Montessori based, high quality care and education for children from 9 months to 14 years of age. HHMS is a very child centered school where each student is respected for his/her uniqueness and is taught accordingly. Learning is enhanced in a positive, nurturing and disciplined environment. Teachers are observers and facilitators, always ready to guide and direct. Their purpose is to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning and guide it, without interfering with the child's need and effort to become more independent.

Our language enriched Toddler Programme is the perfect platform to sow the seeds of learning to love different languages by introducing French and Spanish at this very formative age. This inspiring programme is in absolute sync with one of Dr. Montessori’s greatest discoveries; the toddlers’ sensitive period for language. As children reach higher levels in their development - from Toddler through Casa and into Elementary - the fucus on language studies incresases.

At Hatch House Montessori School we take great pride in being the pioneers of our unique fully Bilingual Elementary Programme conceived and implemented in September 2013. Our French Inclusive Elementary Programme facilitates students to learn in a fully bilingual environment, where the entire Montessori curriculum is instructed in both English and French simultaneously.

September 2016 signifies yet another milestone in the life of HHMS under my new ownership and management of the past four years. We are taking education to a higher level and launching Durham's 1st and ONLY Trilingual Program by adding Spanish instruction to our already enriched curriculum.

The 2017-2018 school year denotes the launch of the HHMS Performing Arts and the HHMS Visual Art Programmes empowering us to rise above the competition.

This innovative setting rewards us with the advantage of being one of a kind in the Durham Region.

While children progress through the different levels – Toddler to Casa and then to Elementary – they go through an incredible transformation. They are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, engage in daily explorations and to stretch themselves as far as they can go. Our students build fundamental life-long skills and a solid academic foundation, they embrace the world around them and they become independent, lifelong learners.

Our Mission is to continually improve our facilities, to build and promote ourselves as a multi-cultural school and to further develop and implement progressive programs for the benefit of all children. We believe in the ongoing growth and support of our students in a nurturing, caring environment, where students are inspired toward a lifelong love of learning. Our school is located in a historic mansion in the heart of downtown Whitby. HHMS offers a unique, warm and cozy setting where every child is allowed the freedom to develop at their own pace. The historic setting of HHMS features an environment full of natural wood, and beautiful stained glass windows.

At Hatch House Montessori School we believe that education is a journey not a race and your child always comes first. It is our promise to you.

Zsuzsanna Vigh
Principal/ Owner